Patent Exception for Exports to Address Health Needs

December 6, 2005. Proposal for a Decision on an Amendment to the TRIPS Agreement. Implementation of Paragraph 11 of the General Council Decision of 30 August 2003 on the Implementatino of Paragraph 6 of the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health.

Note: A lot of the content on this page is older material from the export debate between the signing of the Doha Declaration and the August 30th Agreement. To jump to this part of the page, click here.

Also included on this page are Examples of Legislation to Allow for Paragraph Six Exports.

Documents from 2005 Leading Up to the Hong Kong WTO Ministerial in December

Important WTO Documents - Actual Rules on Compulsory Licenses and the Export of Goods Produced Under Compulsory License

Legislation to Allow for the Export of Pharmaceuticals Produced Under Compulsory License