Bad tempers in Geneva, who is telling the truth?

February 12, 2003

Things appear to be going quite badly or certainly roughly, in Geneva. There was a big concern over Motta reportedly telling countries that the Africa group or India had signed off on his latest proposal to limit para 6 to emergencies only, while others say this isn't true. Morocco and RSA, which are both negotiating new FTAs with the US government, have taken over key roles in discussions. Other members of the Africa group say that Morocco has failed to convey opposition to Motta's proposal to limit para 6 to emergencies (a huge reduction in the scope of CLs that will certainly lead to new demands in bilateral trade relations), and there is alarm that Erwin and RSA in general will give up almost anything to be seen as the party that brokered a deal, something that will certainly bring gratitude in the EU and USA, where para 6 is a domestic embarrassment, given how unpopular the big pharma companies are among citizens (not trade negotiators).

At least one developing country is apparently willing to do what the US did and block the latest Motta text..... and several are willing to support that country, if it in fact goes forward.

Next big talks for the countries invited to Tokyo this weekend to negotiate on this, and the US, EU and Japan pretty much exclude countries they cannot control. Expect press statements on some new put pressure on other countries to accept what they can ram through in Tokyo.

James Love

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