Status of Negotiations at the End of Green Room

December 19, 2002

The WTO green room is over for now. One report is that the Chair (Motta) and the developing countries each proposed language on the scope of diseases. The US apparently suggested a new list of a total of 15 diseases (mainly tropical) that would be included, an appalling proposal really. This was probably the proposed footnote we had heard of earlier. One hopes a developing country will ask the WHO if cancer kills poor people like it kills rich people. Maybe an expert opinion on what are the public health problems in developing countries could shame Supachai and others on the scope issue. The developing countries were reportedly united, and asking why they should be asked to give up what they got in Doha. The US is desparate to get something on scope to satisfy PhRMA, and not quite sure what to do, and the developing countries understand what is at stake. There is a concern that the US will put big pressure on the African capitals during Bush's visit in January (see below), and some worry that the US strategy of pounding away in the capitals is taking its toll. The US press continues to embargo this story, and the Western financial press continues to report that the developing countries are seeking to "expand" the Doha Declaration, without noting that it is the US and other OECD countries trying to rewrite history.

James Love


December 13, 2002


President Bush will travel to Africa January 10-17, 2003 to continue to build America's partnership with the continent. This visit highlights the Bush Administration's commitment to working toward a free and prosperous Africa. The President also looks forward to opening the 2nd U.S.-Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum (AGOA Forum) in Mauritius.

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