Motta proposal is basically dead

February 13, 2003

As far as I can tell, the latest Motta proposal to limit Cl to emergencies only is dead, and was way *oversold* by Motta and WTO secretariat has having buy-in... it apparently had little REAL buy in, as has the been the tradition of these announcements over the past six months or so.

The EU is cranking up its complaints lately that developing countries want to use CL's for headaches. I guess suggesting the poor don't need medicines for pain (they do, particularly when suffering from untreated cancer, AIDS related illnesses, chronic arthritis, etc), or perhaps that they just can't wait to issue compulsory licenses on non-essential medicines (as if developing countries have done this). I believe the EU wants the Western financial and establishment press to put more and more pressure on developing countries to explicitly accept a double standard, having protection only for access to medicines for extraordinary public health problems, while the EU pursues a market integration that makes everything possible (including most recently mandatory compulsory licenses on patents on new plant varieties. If the EU rationales for developing countrides were used here, it would be as if Europe was claiming it was running out of food, rather than the actual case of Europe simply dealing with the Monsanto and Dupont market power in the seed market, a legitmate exercise of compulsory licensing policy, but not one that Europe would allow for medicines in developing countries).

James Love

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