CPTech Statement on Paragraph Six Deal

James Love, Director
Consumer Project on Technology
August 27, 2003

"The negotiations rules for export of medicines are a lesson in double standards and double dealing. The US is putting the finishing touches on a compulsory license for Microsoft protocols that is designed to promote efficiency and worldwide exports. The European Commission has its own measures in place for Microsoft, and a new program for compulsory licenses of genetically modified crops. The UK practicemanual for compulsory licenses notes that exports are routinely allowed.

"But for medicines the US and the European Commission want new standards and limitations, particularly to make sure that the generic drug industry is as inefficient as possible, and to make sure that developing countries cannot sell generic drugs in middle or high income countries. And to dress this up as something that helps the poor is part of the "can you top this" hypocrisy" we are supposed to ignore, and feel releived that the US or the EU is willing to live up to even 5 percent of the Doha promises on public health."


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