CPTech Letter to EC Director General of Health and Consumer Protection Markos Kyprianou

19th October 2005

Commissioner Kyprianou
DG Health and Consumer Protection

Dear Commissioner Kyprianou

Re Avain Influenza : EU Preparedness Plan

Please find attached a copy of a letter, which we have today sent to Commissioner Mandelson.

As was acknowledged at the Commissionís meeting with the WHO on 2-3 March 2005, to discuss national preparedness plans for influenza pandemics, there is not enough vaccine to cover EU citizens. While vaccination is only one part of the fight against a possible pandemic, it is important that your Directorate has the ability to use all possible measures to protect the health of EU citizens.

We therefore call on you, as Commissioner with responsibility for Public Health, together with Commissioner Mandelson, to request that the relevant Members States (outlined in our letter to DG Trade) notify the WTO that the Member States of the European Community now consider themselves eligible to import generic medicines under the 30 August 2003 WTO decision. This will ensure that in the event that the EU needs to use Tamiflu, or some other patented medicine, Member States will have the possibility of sourcing supply from the widest possible number of suppliers, to the benefit of all EU citizens.

We are happy to meet with you or members of your Cabinet to discuss this matter further.

Yours Sincerely

Michelle Childs
Head of European Affairs
Cc Commissioner Mandelson

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