The proposed WIPO Treaty for the Protection of the Rights of Broadcasting, Cablecasting and Webcasting Organizations

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April-June, 2006. Patricia Akester, Cambridge University. The Draft WIPO Broadcasting Treaty and Its Impact on Freedom of Expression.

February 20, 2006. Meeting at the National Academies of Sciences. Public Symposium on the Proposed WIPO "Webcasting Treaty." This page contains links to audio webcasts of each person who spoke at the symposium.

January 13, 2006. Andy Oram in the O'Reilly Network. The Problem with Webcasting.

September 2005. Digital Media Association. International Broadcast Anti-Piracy Treaty Progresses.

April 8, 2005. UNESCO. Item 65 of the Provisional Agenda of the 171st Session of the Executive Board. Protection of the Rights of Broadcasting Organizations.

April, 2004, Report on the Draft WIPO Broadcasting Treaty by Shyamkrishna Balganesh, Dev Gangjee, Tatyana Nikiforova, Tina Piper (Graduate students in the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford),
The report deals with four key areas. First, it argues that the over-propertization of broadcast rights through the treaty may lead to a tragedy of the anticommons, or the under-use of the resources in question. Second, the report shows that contrary to the impression created by the Draft Treaty, many of the proposals for the new treaty are in fact significant changes from the existing treaty regime. Of particular concern is the extension of term to 50 years, a period that is hardly justifiable as necessary for broadcasters in order to recoup their investment. Third, the report argues by analogy to the struggles to create a workable database right that close consideration must be given to proposals to extend the scope and term of rights broadcast rights that are protected by other regimes. Finally, the report interrogates the strategy of using WIPO as the forum for the negotiation of this treaty given its constitutional mandate to promote intellectual property, its funding structure and its limited means for engaging broader stakeholders in policy development.
December, 2003, CRA Briefings WIPO Discusses Broadcasters' Treaty.

June, 2003. Bob Roback, General Manager, Music, Yahoo Inc. A Webcasters Point of View. This links to a PDF file of Power Point Slides. To hear the audio from the presentation, click here.

November, 2000. Ogawa, Megumi, "The WIPO Background Discussion of the Proposed 'Broadcasters' Treaty' and Its Implications for the Domestic Law of Australia and Japan" . Transactions of Information Processing Society Japan, Vol. 43,.

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