The proposed WIPO Treaty for the Protection of the Rights of Broadcasting, Cablecasting and Webcasting Organizations

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CPTech Documents on Broadcast Treaty - 2005

November 30, 2005. James Love in the Huffington Post. A UN/WIPO Plan to Regulate Distribution of Information on the Internet.

November 23, 2005. James Love. Quick notes on the National Association of Broadcasters' intervention at the 13th SCCR.

October 7, 2005. Letter to the Board of Directors of Yahoo asking Yahoo to reconsider its support for webcasting in the WIPO discussions on a treaty on the protection of broadcasting organizations and webcasters.

October 3, 2005. James Love: CPTech Statement regarding WIPO General Assembly (2005)

October 3, 2005. Agenda item on broadcasting treaty (and webcasting) resolved at WIPO General Assembly

September 29, 2005. WIPO's War Against Consumer Interests.

September 29, 2005. Current state of play of WIPO discussions on broadcasting, Development Agenda and the SPLT

September 28, 2005. Agenda item on casting treaty (current state of play)

September 28, 2005. CPTech, EFF and EiFL Notes from the WIPO General Assembly (September 28, 2005) The first half of this post deals with interventions of WIPO Member States on where they stand on the broadcast treaty.

September 28, 2005. DRAFT WIPO decision on Protection for the Broadcasting Organizations (NOT accepted)

September 22, 2005. Letter to Tilman Lueder, European Commission on the Proposed WIPO Treaty on Broadcasting.

September 19, 2005. Letter to Senators Ted Stevens, John McCain, Mark Pryor, Ron Wyden, John Kerry, Orrin G. Hatch, Patrick Leahy; Representatives Lamar S. Smith, Howard L. Berman, Bob Goodlatte, John Conyers, Jr., and Rick Boucher.

September 16, 2005. Notes from Sept 16 meeting at the Library of Congress on the proposed treaty provisions regarding webcasting.

September 15, 2005. Letter to Jule L. Sigall, US Copyright Office, Michael S. Keplinger, US Patent & Trademark Office, Marla Poor, US Copyright Office. Request for Formal Public Comment on Proposal for Treaty on Webcasting.

For more information go to WIPO SCCR 13.

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