The proposed WIPO Treaty for the Protection of the Rights of Broadcasting, Cablecasting and Webcasting Organizations

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NGO Documents - 2004

November 16, 2004. CPTech, Electronic Frontier Foundation, IP Justice and the Union for the Public Domain. 21 QUESTIONS ON WIPO BROADCAST/CABLECAST/WEBCAST TREATY.

November 11, 2004. CPTech, EDRi (European Digital Rights), EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation, FIPR (Foundation for Information Policy Research), IMMF (International Music Managers Forum), IP Justice) and Public Knowledge. PROPOSAL BY NGOS FOR A TREATY ON THE PROTECTION OF BROADCASTS AND BROADCASTING ORGANIZATIONS - version 2.8

June, 2004. IP Justice Report to the 11th SCCR. Excessive Rights for Broadcasting Corporations Threatens Public Domain and Technological Innovation.

June 2004. IP Justice. Top 10 Reasons to Reject the WIPO Committee Chairman's Consolidated Text for a Broadcasting Treaty.

June, 2004. Public Knowledge. Analysis of the Consolidated Text for a Treaty on the Protection of Broadcast Organizations.

May 20, 2004. CPTech, European Digital Rights, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Foundation for Information Policy Research, International Music Managers Forum, IP Justic and Public Knowledge. Statement by NGOs Concerned with the Protection of Broadcasts and Broadcasting Organisations.

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