The proposed WIPO Treaty for the Protection of the Rights of Broadcasting, Cablecasting and Webcasting Organizations

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News Coverage - 2003

November 2003. The ADA Monthly Intellectual Property Wrap-Up. New Webcasting Treaty

November 17, 2003. IP: Rights Of Content Transmitters At Issue In Broadcast Treaty Drew Clark. TechDaily.

November 10, 2003. Webcast Treaty Raises Questions On Public Domain Viewing Charles Farrar, AVN Media Network.

November 10, 2003. Broadcasters want new power to fight piracy but advocacy groups cry foul AFP.

November 10, 2003. Philippine broadcast industry lobbying on WIPO broadcast treaty Manila Bulletin online.

November 7, 2003 Tech daily on Casters' treaty National Journal's Technology Daily.

November 7, 2003. WIPO Member States make progress on key copyright issues WIPO Press Release, PR/2003/367.

November 7, 2003. SUNS: NGOs express concern over proposed WIPO broadcast treaty Kanaga Raja, SUNS- South-North Development Monitor.

November 7, 2003. HARD NEWS NTKnow.

November 6, 2003. UN Discusses New Internet Copyright Treaty Lisa Schlein, Voice of America. Listen to Lisa Schlein's report (RealAudio)

November 6, 2003. Treaty casts shadow on Webcast rights Declan McCullagh, C|Net

October 30, 2003. WIPO Poised to Strike Again

July 27, 2003. WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights International Federation of Journalists.

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