Open Standards, Interoperability and Government Procurement

November 2, 2006

co-sponsored by the Consumer Project on Technology (CPTech), Sun Microsystems, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Yale Information Society Project, the South Centre and IP Justice.

Hosted by the Athens Internet Governance Forum

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Key Documents

IGF Dynamic Coalition on Open Standards in ODT Format and HTML Format

IGF Presentation at Open Standards Workshop, Susy Struble in ODP Format

DRAFT IGF Standards Statement in ODT Format and HTML Format

DRAFT Best Practices for Government Policies and Procurement Practices to Support
       Broader Information Access in ODT Format and HTML Format

Background Documents

August 2, 2006. Submission for IGF Synthesis Paper. A Positive Role for Government Procurement in Promoting Open IT Standards, the Network Effect and the Information Society This paper is contributed for discussion in the Internet Governance Forum by: Susy Struble of Sun Microsystems; Jamie Love and Manon Ress of the Consumer Project on Technology; Robin Gross of IP Justice; Professor Ghosh of the University of Maastricht; and Gwen Hinze and Seth Schoen of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Report written by National Assembly Deputy Bernard Carayon and commissioned by French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, On Equal Terms. Report is on value of IT standards in economic development and a call for the French government to standardize on the Open Document Format.

Report written by Ramboll Management on behalf of Foreningen for Open Source Leverandorer i Danmark (The association for open source suppliers in Danmark) on estimated cost savings of the Danish central government from implementing Open Document Format. Estimates of the Costs of Implementing Office Open XML and Open Document Format in the Central Government

Professor Rishab Ghosh, University of Maastricht, An Economic Analysis of Open Standards

Committee for Economic Development, Open Standards, Open Source, and Open Innovation: Harnessing the Beneifts of Openness

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