Open Standards, Interoperability and Government Procurement

November 2, 2006

co-sponsored by the Consumer Project on Technology (CPTech), Sun Microsystems, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Yale Information Society Project, the South Centre and IP Justice.

Hosted by the Athens Internet Governance Forum

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This workshop will present the relationship between the "openness" of ICT standards, economic and social development, and government policy making, with a focus on procurement policies. Workshop participants will address the role government procurement policies can play in promoting the "network effect" along with suggestions for future action from the IGF.

The discussion will help governments to better understand the inherent tension between intellectual property rights (IPR) holders in ICT standards and the public. The workshop will use the example of the OpenDocument Format standard to highlight the positive impact open ICT standards can have on information access.

Key Documents

DRAFT IGF Standards Statement in ODT Format and HTML Format

DRAFT Best Practices for Government Policies and Procurement Practices to Support Broader Information Access in ODT Format and HTML Format

To stay informed or to join the IGF Dynamic Coalition to further develop these principles and put them into action, please join the mail list hosted by IP Justice. Details are available here.

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