Thailand-US FTA Negotiations

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Thailand-US FTA Negotiations - 2006
CPTech Documents

January 11, 2006. James Love in the Huffington Post. Making enemies - the US/Thai FTA negotiations are bitter medicine.

July 23, 2001. Susannah Markandya. Timeline of Trade Disputes involving Thailand and access to medicines. This older peice to shows a well documented history of American efforts to raise medicine prices in Thailand.

USTR Documents

January 13, 2006. Barbara Weisel. Statement Regarding the 6th Round of the US-Thailand FTA Negotiations.

February 12, 2004. Press release. USTR Notifies Congress of Intent to Initiate Free Trade Agreement Negotiations with Thailand.

Feburary 12, 2004. Robert Zoellick. Letter to the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives informing Congress of USTR's intent to negotiate the trade deal. Included in this letter are the specific objectives for negotiations on intellectual property.

NGO Documents

April, 2006. Oxfam America. Public Health at Risk - A US Free Trade Agreement could threaten access to medicines in Thailand.

February 26, 2006. ACT UP Paris. Act Up solidarity with Thai anti-FTA movement

February 1, 2006. Brook Baker for Health GAP. U.S. IPR Proposals for US-Thai FTA Worse than Feared.

January 25, 2006. NGO policy brief by Prof. Brook K. Baker, Health GAP, and endorsed by Oxfam America, FTA Watch, the Thai Drug Study Group, the European AIDS Treatment Group, and ENGAGE (Educational Network for Global and Grassroots Exchange). Myths and Realities: U.S. Pressure on Thailand Will Impede Access to Medicines.

January 12, 2006. Letter from Thai civil society to President Bush. 128 Signatures. Available in English and Thai.

January 12, 2005. Médecins Sans Frontières. MSF calls on Thailand to protect access to medicines in the face of US pressure.

January 11, 2006. Thai People's Alliances against Free Trade Area and Privatization. Our Initial Victory.

January 11, 2006. Health GAP, Student Global AIDS Campaign, and the Mobilization for Global Justice. Activists "Die" At US Trade Office Demanding Halt to US-Thai Free Trade Agreement - Claim Deal Would Undermine AIDS Treatment Programs.

January 9, 2006. International NGO Solidarity Statement signed by 46 NGOs. US-Thai Free Trade Negotiations Threaten Access to Medicines; Activists Demand Suspension of Negotiations and End to TRIPS-plus IP Provisions.

January, 2006. 3D - Trade, Human Rights, Equitable Economy. Access to Affordable Drugs: Thai Children Must Not Suffer from FTAs.

December, 2005. 3D - Trade, Human Rights, Equitable Economy. International trade, health and childrenÕs rights Š Thailand.

June 15, 2005. FTA Watch. FTA Watch and allies sent an appeal to the Special Rapporteur, urging for monitoring the Thai government's violation of right to access to medicines of Thai people through FTAs.

April 13, 2005. Paul Cawthorne for MSF. Letter to the editor of the Bangkok Times. Talks can do without intellectual property.

2005. Sign-on Letter sponsored by FTA Watch. Open Letter from Civil Society on the Free Trade Agreement Negotiations between Thailand and the United States of America.

July 12, 2004. Oxfam. PeoplesÕ lives before commercial interest: The US-Thailand FTA threatens HIV treatment

October 19, 2003. Health GAP press release. Thai and U.S. AIDS Activists Against Bilateral Trade Deal: Access to Affordable Generic Medicines in Jeopardy.

February 13, 2004. Joint press release from Medecins Sans Frontieres, the Foundation for Consumers and the Thai Network for people with HIV/AIDS.Two people with HIV/AIDS overturn AIDS drug patent - But concern that access to medicines threatened by trade negotiations.

Business Groups
News Coverage

May 11, 2007. Deutsche Presse Agentur. FTA: The Unstated Reason for the Watch List.

August 31, 2006. IRIN News Agency. Trade deal could threaten HIV/AIDS treatments - health experts.

August 22, 2006. Alan Beattie, Andrew Jack and Amy Kazmin for the Financial Times, London. Patent or patient? How Washington uses trade deals to protect drugs. Article posted by

February 21, 2006. Apinya Wipatayotin for the Bangkok Post. US proposals on FTA found unacceptable - Cut access to cheap drugs, medical care.

February 7, 2006. Editorial in the Nation. Health at stake in free-trade talks.

January 31, 2006. Pennapa Hongthong for the Nation. Medical Council of Thailand upset by US move.

January 31, 2006. Marwaan Macan-Markar for the Inter Press Service. Thailand - Free Trade With US Will Hurt Health Care.

January 27, 2006. Inside U.S. Trade. Health NGOs to Focus Pressure on U.S. Ahead of Next Thai FTA Talks.

January 27, 2006. MCOT News. Government steps up efforts to explain FTA issue to public.

January 18, 2006. Chara Pongvuthitham for the Nation. Top FTA official throws in the towel.

January 13, 2006. Daniel Ten Kate for the Thai Daily. Mounting opposition to FTA drug rules.

January 12, 2006. Pennapa Hongthong, Jeerawat na Thalang for the Nation. US Thai FTA - Stumbling Block.

January 12, 2006. Donna Borak for United Press International. U.S. seek to conclude Thai trade talks.

January 11, 2006. Bangkok Post. Protests force brief halt to trade talks - Govt: Won't sign any deal harming country.

January 10, 2006. TNA News. Government to consider proposed points of opponents of Thai-US FTA.

January 10, 2006. Jerry Harmer for the Associated Press. Thousands protest Thai-U.S. trade deal.

January 10, 2006. Bangkok Post. 10,000 protest U.S.-Thai FTA talks.

January 10, 2006. Bangkok Post. US says drug access won't suffer - Offers to meet with critics of patent policy.

January 9, 2006. Op-ed by William Aldis in the Bangkok Post. It Could Be a Matter of Life and Death.

January 9, 2006. The Nation. Democrats demand PM reveal details of FTA talks.

January 9, 2006. Reuters. Thousands protest against U.S.-Thai trade talks.

January 8, 2006. TNA News. Intellectual property rights protection in Thai-US FTA must not exceed US law: TDRI.

January 5, 2006. Daniel Ten Kate for the IHT Thai Day. IPR Debate Centers on Cheap Drugs.

October 30, 2005. Apinya Wipatayotin and Manop Thip-osod for the Bangkok Post. Aids activists want deal on second-line drug licence - Patients may become resistant to first-line medicine.

July 20, 2005. Umesh Pandey for the Bangkok Post. FTA talks moving forward, step by step.

April 30, 2005. Editorial in the Thai Nation. Enforcement of IP laws comes at a cost.

April 14, 2005. Marwaan Macan-Markar for the Inter Press Service. US deal rankles with Thais.

April 5, 2005. Achara Ashayagachat for the Bangkok Times. 1,200 march to urge dropping of intellectual property from US deal.

April 4, 2005. Kaiser Network News. Thai, U.S. Trade Talks Will Include Discussion of Intellectual Property Rights, Generic Antiretroviral Drugs.

November 16, 2004. Xinhuanet News. Thailand: FTA not to hamper access to cheap anti-AIDS drugs.

July 29, 2004. Arthit Khwankhom for the Thai Nation. Govt accused of lying about drugs in FTA.

July 13, 2004. Thomas H. Maugh II for the L.A. Times. Doctors Say Pact Threatens AIDS Progress.

July 13, 2004. Agnes Aristiarini for the Inter Press Service. U.S. Takes Knockout Blow on Patent Protection Policy.

July 9, 2004. Mukdawan Sakboonm and Arthit Khwankhom for Thailand's the Nation. Medicines out of US trade pact.

June 30, 2004. Agence France Presse. US, Thailand launch free trade talks under Southeast Asian framework.

May 21, 2004. Marwaan Macan-Markar for the Inter Press News Service. Freer Trade Weakens Access to HIV/AIDS Drugs.

February 28, 2004. Mukdawan Sakboon for The Nation. "Keep Intellectual Property Out of the FTA."

February 13, 2004. Woranuj Maneerungsee for the Bangkok Post. Intellectual property focus of FTA - Researcher finds deal with US is `different'.

October 14, 2003. Agence France Presse. Thailand, US to announce plans for free-trade agreement: PM.

June 9, 2003. Khon Kaen for Asian Economic News U.S. says FTA with Thailand must cover services and intellectual property.

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