IIM/1 - Intersessional Intergovernmental Meeting

In October 2004, WIPO's General Assembly to hold a series of meetings devoted to country proposals on a development agenda. The first of these, the IIM/1 - Intersessional Intergovernmental Meeting, is held on 11-13 April, 2005, in Geneva.

Problems with NGO Accreditation

The list of NGOs accredited in February, 2005, can be found here. To apply for NGO accreditation, contact:
Edward Kwakwa, Legal Counsel,
World Intellectual Property Organization
34 Chemin des Colombettes
1211 Geneva 20
tel: +41 22 338-9676
fax: +41 22 338-8444
email: edward.kwakwa@wipo.int
Also, we ask that NGOs seeking accreditation CC Thiru Balasubramaniam at CPTech's Geneva Office. (thiru@cptech.org)

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