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Summary: The Australian government subsidizes the purchase of a number of drugs, which highly influences the national sales of those drugs. In order for sales of a certain drug to be subsidized, that drug must be listed on the government's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). Pfizer has been lobbying hard to get its blockbuster drug, Viagra, included in the PBS, leading to the dismissal of advisors who recommended against Viagra's inclusion. (For more info on the Australian Viagra controversy, see CPT's page on Australia.

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Summary: Pfizer sued a Philippine government-owned company (PITC, Philippine International Trading Corporation), the Philippines FDA (BFAD, Bureau of Food and Drugs) and two government offcials (in their personal capacity). For importing from India samples of amlodipine besylate (Norvasc), that Pfizer sells in both the Philippines and India, and for submitting the samples to the government drug regulatory agency. The main issue is the early working of a patent (so called, Bolar exception). (For more info on the Philippines Norvasc controversy, see CPT's page on The Philippines.



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