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January 28, 2007. US PTO & Philippines IP Office sign Memorandum of Understanding on intellectual property.

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Philippines Passes Legislation to Amending the IP Code to Incorporate TRIPS flexibilities

On February 21, 2007, the Philippines passed Medicines Bill, amending the IP Code to incorporate the Doha & TRIPS flexibilities to promote public health and access to medicines.

Pfizer Seeks to Block Norvasc Early Registration

Legislative Amendments: incorporating Public Health Flexibilities

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  • April 30, 1999. The USTR press release on its 301 list of intellectual property trade problems provides this language:
    The Philippines is also considering a proposal which would conflict with TRIPS trademark obligations by restricting the use of brand names on pharmaceutical products.

    Disputes like this are common, as the US government has opposed various laws promoting generic drug perscribing, labeling or substitution in Mexico, Thailand, South Africa and elsewhere. CPT has an outstanding request to USTR to provide justification for this item on its 301 list.

  • 1995. From the 1995 USTR 301 list is this entry:

    The Philippine patent law requires that a compulsory license be issued two years after registration with the Patent, Trademark and Technology Transfer Board if a patented item is not being used in the Philippines on a commercial scale or if domestic demand for the item is not being met to an "adequate extent and on reasonable terms." The requirement could impose a significant burden on patent holders. Other concerns include exceptions for experimental use of patented inventions, government use provisions, "intervening rights" for reissuance of patents, and treatment of plant varieties within the definition of unpatentable inventions.

  • April 6, 1993, Understanding Between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the Government of the United States of America Regarding the Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.

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