News Story on Thai Compulsory Licensing Dispute. January-April 2007

April 30, 2007. Reuters. U.S. chides Thailand for overriding drug patents.

April 30,2007. Bruce Japsen for the Chicago Tribune. Thailand scolded over not honoring patents.

April 30, 2007. Martin Vaughn for National Journal's Congress Daily. Thailand Put On List Of Top Intellectual Property Violators. April 30, 2007. The Nation. Public Relations Battle - Thaksin linked to US criticism of government.

April 28, 2007. Bruce Japsen for the Chicago Tribune. Abbott, activists tangle - Drug giant's chief defends response to Thailand patent break.

April 27, 2007. Reuters. AIDS activists call for boycott of Abbott products.

April 27, 2007 Bruce Japsen for the Chicago Tribune. AIDS controversy dominates Abbott Labs' annual meeting.

April 27, 2007. Op-ed by Brook Baker, Sean Flynn, and Judit Rius in the Bangkok Post. Specious Arguements on Thailand's Compulsory Licensing.

April 27, 2007. Medical News Today. U.S. Ambassador To Thailand Urges Government To Negotiate On Drug Pricing, Compulsory Licensing With U.S. Drug Companies

April 27, 2007. Kaiser News Network. Health Advocates, Drug Industry Representatives Lobby Lawmakers for Support in Thailand Drug Licensing Dispute.

April 27, 2007. Richard Nangle for the Worcester Telegram. Abbott taken to task for AIDS drug decision.

April 26, 2007. Jonathan Head for the BBC. Thailand takes on drugs giants.

April 26, 2007. Martin Vaughn for Congress Daily. Sanctions Sought Against Thailand In Drug Patent Dispute.

April 26, 2007. Phusadee Arunmas and Apriadee Treeturkuarkul for the Bangkok Post. Activists rally against US pharma giant.

April 26, 2007. Ed Silverman for Pharmalot. Should the US Invade Thailand?

April 26, 2007. The Harvard Crimson. Students Protest Drug Policy.

April 25, 2007. Andrew Leonard for's strange neocon bedfellow.

April 25, 2007. Democracy Now! AIDS Activists Call for Global Boycott of Abbott for Withholding Drug Sales in Thailand.

April 25, 2007. Umesh Pandey for the Bangkok Post. US lobbyist lashes out at Thai policies.

April 25, 2007. Editorial in the Bangkok Post. Abbott wrong to target Thailand.

April 24, 2007. James Hookway and Nicholas Zamiska for the Wall Street Journal. Harsh Medicine: Thai Showdown Spotlights Threat to Drug Patents.

April 24, Reuters. Abbott, Thailand discuss options - AIDS drug dispute has larger implications.

April 24, 2007. Bangkok Post. US envoy urges Thailand to talk with drug firms.

April 24, 2007. Ed Silverman for Pharmalot. Losing The Public Relations War: Abbott Struggles In Thailand.

April 23, 2007. Op-ed by Peerapan Tungsuwan and William McKay in the Bangkok Post. The authors work for Baker & McKenzie, which represents Abbott. Compulsory drug licences violate world trade treaty.

April 23, 2007. Nicholas Zamiska for the Wall Street Journal. Abbott's Thai Pact May Augur Pricing Shift.

April 23, 2007. Reuters. Abbott to offer new AIDS drug in Thailand.

April 21, 2007. Op-ed by Brook Baker in the Nation. The Eight Deadly Lies of Big Pharma.

April 19, 2007. Apiradee Treerutkuarkul for the Bangkok Post. Govt seeking new generic imports.

April 19, 2007. Op-ed by Roger Bate in Tech Central Station. India: Patently Wrong.

April 19, 2007. Kaiser News Network. Pharmaceutical Companies Will Be Required To Declare Production Cost of Drugs Introduced in Thailand, Health Official Says.

April 19, 2007. Kim Martineau for the Hartford Courant. Students Protest High-Priced Pills.

April 16, 2007. Kaiser News Network. Thailand Will Maintain Compulsory Licenses for Kaletra, Efavirenz, Despite Companies' Drug Price Reductions, Health Minister Says.

April 13, 2007. Daniel Ten Kate for the Asia Sentinel. Thailand’s Bittersweet Victory over Big Pharma.

April 12, 2007. Nopporn Wong-Anan for Reuters Health. Thailand to push for more AIDS drug price cuts.

April 12, 2007. Agence France Presse. Abbott Price Cut Only for Old Drug Versions.

April 11, 2007. Thomas Fuller for the International Herald Tribune. Thailand defies drug makers on patent issue.

April 10, 2007. Associated Press. Abbott Laboratories offer discounted AIDS drug to Thailand.

April 10, 2007. James Miller for the Chicago Tribune. Abbott to cut AIDS drug cost in poor nations.

April 10, 2007. Keith Alcorn for AIDS Map. Abbott announces Kaletra price cut for lower middle-income countries, makes new offer to Thailand.

April 10, 2007. Ed Silverman for Pharmalot. Abbott Lowers Price Of Kaletra AIDS Drug. April 9, 2007. Apiradee Treerutkuarkul for the Bangkok Post. Abbott shuns Aids drug talks.

April 9, 2007. George Wehrfritz for Newsweek. A New Kind of Drug War.

March 28, 2007. Kaiser News Network. Thai Government, Drug Companies Fail To Reach Agreement in Talks Over Compulsory Licensing; Another Round of Talks Anticipated.

March 27, 2007. Apiradee Treerutkuarkul for the Bangkok Post. Drug-makers reject offer of royalty fees - More talks planned with patent holders.

March 27, 2007. Reuters. French firm says it makes offer in Thai drug talks.

March 26, 2007. Agence France Presse. Thai AIDS activists rally against US firm over generic drug row.

March 26, 2007. Op-ed by Dean Baker of the Center for Economic Policy Research in the Hankyorah. Thailand Takes the Lead in Promoting Free Trade.

March 26, 2007. Apoorva Mandavilli for Nature. Held to ransom.

March 25, 2007. The Nation. Abbot takes a tranquilliser,tells Thais: 'Talk to my boss.'

March 24, 2007. Paul Cawthorne, Nathan Ford, Jiraporn Limpananont, Nimit Tienudom and Wirat Purahong in the Lancet. WHO must defend patients' interests, not industry.

March 23, 2007. Former DHHS Secretary Tommy Thompson. Op-ed in the Dow Jones Market Watch. Shrugging diplomatic responsibility.

March 23, 2007. Thai News Agency. Thailand's compulsory licensing of AIDS, heart drugs not violating law.

March 22, 2007. Theresa Agovino for the Associated Press. Investors balk at Abbott's Thailand move.

March 22, 2007. Editorial in the Bangkok Post. Putting meaning back into TRIPS.

March 22, 2007. Thailand, pharmaceutical companies to continue talks on compulsory drug licenses.

March 22,2007. Associated Press. Thai health groups urge boycott of US drug maker.

March 21, 2007. Marwaan Macan-Markar for the Inter-Press Service. US Pharma Giant Faces Public Boycott.

March 20, 2007. Ambika Ahuja for the Associated Press. Thai Health Groups Urge Abbott Boycott.

March 20, 2007. Vithoon Amorn for Reuters. Thailand Talking with Drug Firms - U.S. Chamber.

March 19, 2007. The Nation. Abbott's drug policy denounced by MSF.

March 19, 2007. Martin Vaughan for IP-Watch. In Clash With Activists, Critics Charge Thailand Violation Of Trade Rules.

March 16, 2007. Apiradee Treerutkuarkul for the Bangkok Post. Justice slams Abbott's drug decision.

March 16, 2007. Brook Baker for the Nation. A deadly game of pharmaceutical apartheid.

March 16, 2007. Kaiser News Network. Abbott To Stop Launching New Drugs In Thailand In Response To Country's Compulsory License For Antiretroviral Kaletra.

March 15, 2007. Associated Press. Abbott limits Thailand drugs.

March 14, 2007. Ambika Ahuja for the Associated Press. Abbott Bans Its New Drugs in Thailand.

March 14, 2007. Steve Mitchell for UPI. Analysis: Abbott pulls drugs from Thailand.

March 14, 2007. Letters to the Editor of the Wall Street Journal. Letters from James Love (KEI), Harvey Bale (PhRMA) and Raymond C. Offenheiser (Oxfam).

March 14, 2007. Wall Street Journal Editorial. The Thai Flu.

March 14, 2007. MSF Letter to the Edictor fot eh Wall Street Journal. MSF reponse to WSJ on Thai compulsary Licence.

March 14, 2007. Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest. Thai Government Explains Compulsory License Policy on Patented Drugs.

March 13, 2007. Nicholas Zamiska for the Wall Street Journal. Abbott Won't Launch New Drugs In Thailand After Patent Revocation.

March 13, 2007. Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Ronald Cass. Thai Patent Turmoil.

March 13, 2007. Ed Silverman for Pharmalot. Abbott Plans Its Own Coup In Thailand.

March 12, 2007. Tove Iren S. Gerhardsen for IP-Watch. Thailand Presents Report On Compulsory Licensing Experience.

March 7, 2007. Editorial in the Wall Street Journal. Bangkok's Drug War Goes Global.

March 4, 2007. Bangkok Post. Compulsory Licenses Save 1 Billion Bhat.

February 22, 2007. Radio Australia. THAILAND: Cheap drugs policy draws industry ire.

February 20, 2007. Op-ed by Peter J. Pitts in the Baltimore Sun. Drug patent theft carries high price.

February 19, 2007. Darren Schuettler for Reuters. Minister: Thailand fed up with high drug prices.

February 16, 2007. William New for Intellectual Property Watch. Drug Company Reacts To Thai License; Government Ready To Talk.

February 15, 2007. Petchanet Pratruangkrai for the Nation. Fight Escalates Over AIDS Drug.

February 10, 2007. Wall Street Journal Editorial. Theft in Thailand.

February 9, 2007. Op-ed by Roger Bate in the Wall Street Journal. Thai-ing Pharma Down.

February 8, 2007. Piya Wong for SciDev.Net. Thailand backs off threat to break drug patents.

February 5, 2007. Kaiser News Network. WHO Cautions Thailand Against Issuing Compulsory License for Abbott's Antiretroviral Kaletra.

February 5, 2007. Jean François Tremblay for Chemical and Engineering News. Drug patent struggles in Asia.

February 3, 2007. Xinhua. MSF rallies support for Thailand's compulsory licensing on AIDS drugs.

February 2, 2007. Marwaan Macan-Markar for the Inter Press Service. WHO Chief's Stand on Generic Drugs Slammed.

February 1, 2007. Apiradee Treerutkuarkul for the Bangkok Post. WHO raps compulsory licensing plan - Govt urged to seek talks with drug firms

January 31, 2007. Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest. Thailand Authorises Generic Production of Two More Patneted Drugs.

January 31, 2007. Editorial in the Financial Times. Drugs in Thailand.

January 30, 2007. Nicholas Zamiska for the Wall Street Journal. Thai Move to Trim Drug Costs - Highlights Growing Patent Rift.

January 30, 2007. Amy Kazmin and Andrew Jack for the Financial Times. Thailand overrides patents to buy generic drugs.

January 25, 2007. Thailand plan three more compulsory licenses. "Cheaper generic drugs will help ease health crisis. Breaking patents will give affordable treatment to HIV and heart patients." The Nation (Thailand).

January 25, 2007. Nopporn Wong-Anan. New CLs in Thailand for generic version of Kaletra and Plavix. "Thailand issues more compulsory drugs licences". Reuters.

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