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Jayashree Watal is presently a Counsellor in the Intellectual Property Division of the World Trade Organization (since February 2001). Before this she was a visiting scholar with the Center for International Development at Harvard University. From October 1998 to August 2000, she was a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for International Economics in Washington DC. She was also a visiting scholar at the George Washington University Law School from 1997 to 2000.

She has more than twenty-two years of experience in government in India, of which ten years of experience were in policy, diplomacy, research and administration on intellectual property rights, which includes having researched and published on issues related to intellectual property rights, including a book Intellectual Property Rights in the WTO and Developing Countries(Oxford University Press, India and Kluwer Law International, 2001). She has also consulted for the World Bank, UNCTAD and the UNDP in these areas.

Jayashree's experience extends to having negotiated trade policy, intellectual property and environment issues in GATT/WTO over 4 years and having contributed to policy making on these issues in the government of India during and after TRIPS negotiations for over 7 years. She also helped supervise the administration of the patent and trademarks offices in India for 2 years.

Jayashree made presentations to policy makers and graduate students in India and the US on WTO/ TRIPS issues periodically. She also participated in international conferences, workshops, seminars and consultations on matters relating to the WTO and IPRs, particularly from 1998 onwards.

Jayashree's educational background includes a DESS (post Master's degree) in International Trade Law (1992) at the University of Paris V, (Rene Descartes), Paris, France. She also received a diploma in International Economic Relations (1992) at the International Institute for Public Administration, (IIAP), Paris France. In 1975 she received and M.A. in Economics at the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics in Education, University of Pune in Maharashtra, India. She received a B.A. in Economics in 1973 from Fergusson College, University of Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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