CPTech in Action

Jamie Love at WIPO 15th SCCR 2006

Thiru at WIPO 15th SCCR 2006

Manon Ress and Jukka Leides at WIPO 15th SCCR 2006

Michelle Childs at WIPO 15h SCCR 2006

Emily Lundberg working on communication strategies, August 2006

Joy Spencer, at Cancun WTO ministerial

Jon Merz at IDC

Julie Patel crunching numbers on the Korean A-7 Pricing Agreement, July 2006

Joy Spencer

KEI Board Member Collen Daniels lobbies the WHO EB on R&D resolution, January 2006

Manon Ress

Judit Rius Sanjuan on Capitol Hill, winter 2006

Judit Rius

Thiru, WHO

Staff meeting, winter 2006

Tim Hubbard and Sir John Sulston at the WHO EB, Jan 2006

Michael Palmedo

Jamie Love and Kamil Idris, at WIPO GA 2005

Rob Weissman and Bill Haddad

Manon checking email

Jamie and Zackie Achmat

Jamie and Anthony So

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