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November 28, 2001. Costs of Human Use Clinical Trials: Surprising Evidence from the US Orphan Drug Act.
Web page on Cipro Patent dispute
November 10, 2001. Letter from James Love to US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick regarding trade negotiations at Doha.
November 7, 2001. CPTech comments on H.R.3235, the ''Public Health Emergency Medicines Act.''
November 5, 2001, Letter from Ralph Nader and James Love to Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly regarding the USDOJ/Microsoft proposed settlement.
October 17, 2001. Comment on the Attaran/Gillespie-White and PhRMA surveys of patents on Antiretroviral drugs in Africa
October 7, 2001. Request that WHO seek compulsory licenses for 5 essential antiretrovial products in Sub-Saharan Africa.
September 29, 2001. Examples of Compulsory Licensing in the United States.

Main Areas of Work


Access to Essential Medicines

General Areas of Work

Intellectual Property, including pages on Business Method Patents, Health Care Technologies and Intellectual Property and Domain Names.

Electronic Commerce, including pages on UCITA and the Hague Convention on Jurisdiction.

Antitrust Policy and Practice, including pages on Microsoft and AOL/TW merger, Telecommunications, including pages on Open Access, and Privacy.

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