Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blog on WIPO Casting Treaty

by James Packard Love
This is a blog to discuss the proposed WIPO casting treaty.

By August 1, WIPO member countries are asked to submit comments on the two tracks for the treaty (old and new technologies), which SCCR Chair (for life?) Jukka Liedes and the WIPO Secretariat will then use to create a new Chair's draft for the "traditional" broadcasting issues, to be considered at the next SCCR meeting, that begins (I hear) the week of September 11. People in Geneva claim the EU is devoted to bring webcasting back into the "traditional" technologies track, under the catagory of simulcasting -- full casting rights to broadcasters (only) for webcasting.

The USG is asking people for definitions of webcasting. People are asking the USG questions on the context. What are the "rights" that would be associated with a definition?

Some people in US industry circles are truly unrealistic, in my opinion, regarding the difficulty of getting the EU to accept any new treaty that has anything that reduces the rights already set out in the ROME Treaty.


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