Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Project on compulsory licensing in developing countries

by James Packard Love
We are thinking that it will be useful to have a campaign looking at compulsory licensing of copyrighted works in developing countries. Among issues that might be examined are the following:
  1. What situations or problems might be addressed with compulsory licenses?
  2. How useful is the Appendix to the Berne in addressing these problems?
  3. What are the (other) options for state practice in developing countries?
In terms of campaign type projects, one idea is to organize a common day when many people/collaborating groups would apply for compulsory licenses, in different countries. In doing something like this, there could be coordination among collaborators for publicity, as well as in choosing the target works, analysing the grounds for the licenses, and fashioning remedies.

Another campaign idea worth mentioning is to develop a theory of compulsory licenses for resource poor communities, that would legalize non-voluntary copying of works, in return for reasonable (for that community) remuneration.


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