Paris Accord

Wizards of OS 4 - September 17, 2006

This workshop consisted of two parts. The first part introduced the Paris Accord and discussed one key area: collective agreements on music compositions and recordings, the second part focused on another key area: models for funding medical research.

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TACD Workshop - June 19-20, 2006

This workshop aims to bring people together to examine relations between creative communities and the public, seeking to identify common interests and new opportunities to collaborate. Discussions will explore new and existing social and business models for the intermediary between creative communites and consumers. The meeting will look at models and relationships that recognize the importance of creative community earning a living, the interest of the public in obtaining affordable access to works, and the interests of both parties in supporting an environment for creativity and innovation.

For the schedule, a list of confirmed speakers, or to register, see the TACD Page on the conference.

The meeting will seek to produce a draft document, the "Paris Accord" to outline a new set of relations between creative individuals and communities, consumers and citizens. CPTech will posting drafts for section of such an understanding as they are sent to the A2K list, or if you prefer, you may send them directly to Here is the June 17, 2006 draft of the Paris Accord:

James Love's Presentation at the TACD Workshop.

You can find out more about the June 19 and 20 conference by clicking on the following links:

  • Agenda: Word Format - English and French
  • Report and Participants List: English - HTML or Word Format
  • Resume: French - HTML or Word Format
  • Audio: Recordings of speakers and presentations
  • Film: a 35-minute film of the conference produced by conference speaker and new media artist Prayas Abhinav

  • Earlier drafts

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