Contact Information for Privacy

Professor Ross Anderson, Cambridge University

Mimi Azrael, Azrael, Gann and Franz
Tel: 410.821.6800 or Email:

David Banisar, Electronic Privacy Information Center
Tel: 202.544.9240 or Email:

A.G. Breitenstein, JRI Health Law Institute
Tel: 617.457.8150 x313 or Email:

Professor James Fackler, Harvard Medical School
Tel: 617.355.7327 or Email:

Professor Lawrence Gostin, Georgetown University Law Center, John Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health
Tel: 202.662.9373 or Email:

James Love, Consumer Project on Technology
Tel: 202.387-8030 or Email:

Wendy McGoodwin, Council for Responsible Genetics
Tel: 617.868.0870

Denise Nagel, MD, Coalition for Patient Rights of New England
Tel: 617.862.2257 Email:

Professor Mark Rothstein, University of Houston
Tel: 713.743.2105 or Email: