Table 1


State (Phone Company)

Cost of Flat Rate option

Arkansas (NATCO)


Tennessee (Bell South)


Illinois (Ameritech)*

Zone A $32.66
Zone B 34.64
Zone C 39.11

California (Roseville)


Wisconsin (Ameritech)*


Nevada (Sprint)


Texas (SBC)


Indiana (Ameritech)

Area 1 $48.01
Area 2 $49.34
Area 3 $51.30

Ohio (Ameritech)


Colorado (US West)


Washington (US West)


Utah (US West)


Michigan (Ameritech)


Louisiana (Bell South)


North Carolina (Bell South)


Missouri (SBC)


South Dakota (US West)


Arkansas (SBC)


Oklahoma (SBC)


Kansas (SBC)


Kentucky (Cincinnati Bell)


Ohio (Cincinnati Bell)


Alaska (ATU)


Minnesota (US West)


Iowa (US West)


Montana (US West)


Nebraska (US West)


North Dakota (US West)


Wyoming (US West)


Idaho (US West)


Maryland (Bell Atlantic)


New Jersey (Bell Atlantic)


Delaware (Bell Atlantic)


Pennsylvania (Bell Atlantic)


Virginia (Bell Atlantic)


Washington, DC (Bell Atlantic)


West Virginia (Bell Atlantic)


Alabama (Bell South), Arizona (US West), California (GTE), California (PacBell), Connecticut (Bell Atlantic), Connecticut (SNET), Florida (Bell South), Georgia (Bell South), Hawaii (GTE), Kentucky (Bell South), Main e (Bell Atlantic), Massachusetts (B ell Atlantic), Mississippi (Bell South), New Hampshire (Bell Atlantic), Oregon (US West), Rhode Island (Bell Atlantic), Vermont (Bell Atlantic), Virginia (GTE), New York (Bell Atlantic)

no flat rate option


* per call charges apply.

** Revised June 28, 1998

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