Act Up-Paris
March 15, 2002

It is unacceptable that the poorest should not have access to the medications which have changed the life of people with aids in rich countries - Kofi Annan

The Global Fund will fund HIV drug access programmes if those programmes are technically and scientifically sound.

Indeed, in 2002 a balanced approach to the fight against aids means an approach which successfully compensates for 20 years for "prevention only" policies: we must set access to HIV medication as the number 1 priority.

Generic medicines and generic competition must be harnessed so as to ensure affordability and access to medically useful HIV medications for the greatest number possible.

Thus at this stage the urgency is for each country to launch an ARV access programme and to work toward comprehensive national coverage.

It is thus paramount that countries sollicit the Global Fund to the full extent of their needs for its second round of financing next November.

Only the expression of a massive and vocal demand can unlock the contributions are required for the Global Fund to fulfill its purpose.

Further, the multilateral and bilateral institutions which have longed block effective change in the fight against aids, and foremostly those in charge of health issues, must now provide the technical assistance needed for countries to rapidly scale up HIV care for their populations. The WHO, above all others, must scale up its response to developing countries¹ needs in that regard.

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