Statement of the National Association of People With AIDS
April 19, 2001.

To Whom It May Concern:

The National Association of People Living With HIV/AIDS is relieved at the outcome of the court case between government and the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Association (PMA). The withdrawal of the PMA from the legal appeal against the Medicines and Related Substances Control Amendment Act of 1997 is a move that attest to our initial edict to have the case concluded as such. We believe that the PMA has finally come to the realisation that only rational conduct can help us resolve the HIV/AIDS treatment crisis. We view the latest development within the context of our resolve to protest by way of picketing and sit-in campaigns at the offices of affected pharmaceutical companies.

We however also acknowledge that just the PMA withdrawal from the legal showdown is not enough and an absolute resolution in the present HIV/AIDS saga. The majority of our people will still not afford AIDS treatment anytime in the immediate future. We therefore urge all pharmaceutical companies to co-operate with government and other relevant stakeholders in finding possible ways of achieving affordable AIDS drug treatments. This must go so far as to assist government to use present pharmaceutical infrastructure for the production of generic substitutes and/or parallel importation of cheaper drug treatments.

This is the beginning of even greater challenges in exploring ways that can take us to the indiscriminate provision of affordable AIDS drug treatments. We will be actively involved in assisting the world communities to achieve solutions especially that are tailored specifically for the third world countries to cope with the demands of infrastructure and technical nature. We hope that those who have been involved in this struggle realise the challenges that lie ahead.

For Treatment , Care and Support

Thank You,


Nkululeko Nxesi
National Director
+ 27 083 478 9462 or + 27 11 872-0975

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