AngloGold signs comprehensive agreement with Unions on HIV/Aids

July 25, 2002

AngloGold signed a comprehensive agreement on the management of HIV/AIDS in the workplace with five unions at a special ceremony at the company’s West Wits operations near Carletonville today.

The document was signed by AngloGold CEO, Bobby Godsell; the President of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), Senzeni Zokwana; and representatives from MWU Solidarity (MWU-S), the National Employees’ Trade Union (NETU), the South African Equity Workers’ Association (SAEWA) and the United Association of South Africa (UASA).

The agreement recognises the threat posed by HIV/AIDS, defines the rights and obligations of stakeholders and commits AngloGold to develop and maintain responsible programmes in partnership with the trade unions to minimise the impact of the disease.

Wide-ranging in its scope, the agreement includes sections on the responsibilities of all the parties; the rights of employees; testing, confidentiality and disclosure of information; programmes dealing with HIV/AIDS; the management of these programmes; and monitoring, evaluation and review procedures. Provision is made for the establishment of a joint management/union working group to check on the implementation of the agreement and to consider any strategic issues relating to HIV/AIDS.

Acknowledging that AngloGold has for some time pursued opportunities to do a feasibility study on the provision of anti-retroviral drugs in partnership with other role players in the industry, the agreement gives the undertaking that the company and the unions will work together to accelerate these efforts. It also pledges that they will actively participate and propose the participation of employees.

Commenting on the agreement, Bobby Godsell said: "AngloGold has a well-developed response to HIV/AIDS, ranging from preventative management programmes to the provision of assistance to and treatment of those who are affected. However, we know that we cannot work in isolation. For our response to be truly effective we need the support of all stakeholders. Unions form a key constituency and we look forward to forming a partnership with them in the fight against HIV/AIDS."

NUM President, Senzani Zokwana, responded: "The agreement is a very positive move on the part of the stakeholders in dealing with HIV/AIDS. I think that what AngloGold and the unions have achieved will set a trend in the industry and I hope that this will extend to a broader initiative involving Government and other players countrywide. I believe that the agreement will also encourage people living with AIDS to be open about their status and in this way that it will play a part in lessening the stigma attached to this disease."


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