For Immediate Release
June 27, 2001

Congresswoman Barbara Lee's Amendment Increasing Funding for HIV/AIDS Passed in House International Relations Committee

Washington, DC - The House International Relations Committee today passed by a vote of 32- 4, an amendment to H.R. 2069, The Global Access to HIV/AIDS Prevention, Awareness, Education, and Treatment Act of 2001, offered by Congresswoman Barbara Lee that increased bi-lateral and multi-lateral funding for international HIV/AIDS programs. The Hyde-Lantos-Leach-Lee Amendment was offered as a substitute to H.R. 2069, a bill offered by Chairman of the House International Relations Committee Chairman Henry Hyde (R-IL) to increase bi-lateral HIV/AIDS funding by $150 million.

Congresswoman Lee lead negotiations with Chairman Hyde to increase overall funding in the bill. The amendment increased bi-lateral funding from $469 to $560 million. It dropped a provision that limited the United Statesí per year contribution to an international trust fund at 25% of the total contribution from retained a provision that provides $50 million for drug procurement programs.

"This is a good step in the right direction, but we need to invest much more money in this effort," said Lee. "I was a member of the US delegation to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on HIV/AIDS, where the international community is calling for $7 to $10 billion a year to combat the disease. As the most powerful nation in the world we have an obligation to lead the world in addressing this pandemic."

"This is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. It is not a Republican or Democratic issue, but a moral issue that threatens the entire human family," said Lee. "The U.S. contribution to an international trust fund should be $1 billion at a minimum, and I will continue to work for more funding."


Congresswoman Lee is Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Task Force on Global HIV/AIDS and serves on the Africa and Europe Subcommittees of the House International Relations Committee.

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