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Bristol-Myers Squibb's IPR Disputes

March 7, 2003. BMS and the Federal Trade Commission reach a proposed settlement relating to antitrust claims relating to Taxol, Platinol and BuSpar. The FTC complaint states that BMS's abuse of the patent and regulatory systems protected $2 billion worth of sales annually. This cost American consumers hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Among the allegations against BMS: paying a potential generic competitor $72.5 million to not challenge a BMS patent, abusing FDA regulations to stave off generic entry, making false statements to the FDA regarding patent listings in the orange book, "engaging in inequitable conduct" before the US patent and trademark office, and filing baseless patent infringement suits.

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New York Office: Main Number
345 Park Ave
New York, NY 10154

New York Office: Public Affairs
Patrick Donohue 212-546-3992
Nancy Goldfarb 212-546-5107

Washington, DC Office
655 15th St NW # 300
Washington, DC 20005
Richard L. Thompson
V.P., Govt. Relations

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