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July 2006. Amin, Devaiah, Radhakrishnan, Steffen. The impact of Article 39.3 in India: A Practical Perspective. Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge.

Robert Weissman. Public health-friendly options for protecting pharmaceutical registration data. Int. J. Intellectual Property Management, Vol. 1, Nos. 1/2, 2006. pgs: 113-130.

February 10, 2005. Wilbert Bannenberg on E-Drug. Note on the difference between data protection and data exclusivity.

February, 2005. Medecins Sans Frontieres. Data Exclusivity & Access to Medicines in Guatemala.

July 5, 2004. Affordable Medicines and Treatment Campaign (AMTC). Submission before the Committee for the Protection of Undisclosed Information under Article 39.3 of the TRIPS Agreement.

May 4, 2004. Brook Baker for Health GAP. USTR's 2004 Special 301 Report Highlights the U.S.'s Global Ambition to Use Heightened Protection of Innovators' Drug Registration Data to Block and Delay Registration of Competing Generic Drugs.

March 23, 2004. CUMVIVIUM press release. CUMVIVIUM Denounces New EU Regulations which will Hurt Access to Affordable Medicines - It Warns Other Countries From Adopting Similar Actions.

March 9, 2004. Affordable Medicines and Traetment Campaign. Letter to Mr. Pradush Sinha, Secretary, Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals.

February 16, 2004. Brook Baker for Health GAP. The Drug Registration Battlefield: U.S. Trade Policy Erects New, Nearly Impenetrable Barriers to Lower-Cost Generic Medicines of Assured Quality.

December 13, 2003. Medecins Sans Frontieres press release. US Pressure Threatening Access to Medicines in Central America.

November 8, 1999. James Love. Sign the Open Letter to the WTO Member States Regarding Access to Medical Technologies.

October 21, 1997. James Love. Health Registration Data Exclusivity, Biomedical Research, and restrictions on the Introduction of Generic Drugs.

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