Stavudine (d4T)

Main Points

Government Expenditure on Research and Development

Price Comparison

Access in Developing Nations

  • The standard dosage requirement is two 40mg capsules a day (30mg for adults under 130 pounds). At $5.00 per pill, this comes to US$3,650 each year. Contrast this to the GDP per people living with HIV/AIDS in the developing nations where the majority of the HIV/AIDS cases are.
  • March 18, 2002. Letter from the Kenya Coalition for Access to Essential Medicines to Bristol-Myers Squibb regarding a Supply crisis of ddI and d4T in Kenya.

BMS d4T Sales

  • In the first quarter of 2000, BMS reported $151 million in sales of Stavudine. This was the same level of sales as in the first quarter of 1999. (Source: SEC form 10-Q, which is the most recent SEC filing to date.)
  • In 1999, BMS reported $605 million in sales of Stavudine. For 1998 and 1997, the sales were $551 million and $398 million, respectively. (Stavudine has been on the market since 1994.) (Source: SEC Form 10-K).
Yale Asked to Permit South Africa to Import d4T from Generic Producers

Medicines San Frontieres has asked Yale University to permit South Africa to import generic d4T into South Africa. As stated above, Yale holds key patent rights on the drug, and has licensed it to Bristol-Myers Squibb, which pays Yale roughly $40 million annually in royalties. A group of 600 Yale researchers has petitioned the school, asking it "to permit a generic version of its patented anti-retroviral drug d4T to be imported and distributed in South Africa."


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