November 20, 2002. Health GAP and ACT-UP Paris. U.S.-sponsored meeting could jeopardize access to medicines: Advocates join Nigerian organizations in call for greater involvement of public health experts, consumers, people living with HIV/AIDS in writing crucial intellectual property bill

November 17, 2002. Treatment Access Movement. Upcoming Meeting in Abuja Threatens Survival of People Living With HIV/AIDS, Advocates Warn.

Pilot Antiretroviral Program

After a series of delays, Nigeria has begun its pilot antiretroviral program. It was meant to be the largest program in Africa, involving 10,000 patients (this is less of one percent of Nigeria's HIV+ population). Currently, the government has enough drugs onhand to treat 8,000 patients. The program was originally announced in April, 2001, after Cipla agreed to sell the government its triple therapy for $350 per patient per year. There were problems implementing the program, so it was postponed. Under the program, the government plans to subsidise treatment costs by up to 80%, leaving patients with a monthly bill of approximately USD 8. In April, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria donated $41.7 million to the program.

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