Passage of Indian Patent Law: A Step Forward

IFPMA Press Release

Geneva, 22 March 2005 – IFPMA recognizes as a significant step the passage of the Indian Patents Ordinance by the Indian Parliament today in promoting pharmaceutical innovation and investments in India, though critical details of the legislation are awaited regarding the Parliament’s action.

“In passing the Patent Ordinance, the Indian Parliament is recognizing that India can take a leading role in global pharmaceutical R&D and should adhere to international agreements,” noted Dr. Harvey E. Bale, Jr., Director-General of IFPMA. “But we still await a number of important details regarding the Patents Ordinance before a full assessment can be made.”

India has taken action to implement product patents, not only as a result of international obligations, but also for the benefit of patients and innovators in India. Indian companies filed 1406 patent applications for pharmaceutical and agrochemical products under provisional measures available to companies prior to this enactment of patent legislation; and Indian companies make up six of the top eleven leading patent applicants in terms of the number of provisional patent applications.

“India has great potential in pharmaceutical R&D and stronger patent protection will be a vital element in stimulating R&D in India to meet public health needs both in India and around the world,” notes Dr. Bale.


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