Letter from Cipla to Indian National AIDS Control Organisation concerning the offer of Nevirapine donations

November 29, 2000

Mr. JVR Prasada Rao
Project Manager
National AIDS Control Organisation
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Room no. A-344, Nirman Bhavan
New Delhi 110 001

Dear Mr. Rao:

Thank you for your letter no. D.O.No. T-11014/2/99-NACO dated November 21, 2000, accepting Cipla's proposal of providing Nevirapine for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV infection.

We agree with you that formulation for the child will also be required and therefore had mentioned about the same in the second para of our letter dated November 7, 2000, to you. We confirm that we will provide both Nevirapine tablets and suspension for this programme.

Please do let us know what further steps are to be taken for implementation of this programme.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

M.K. Hamied

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