Fuzeon (T20) (Enfuvirtide)

General Information

Fuzeon (T-20) is the first drug in a new class of antiretrovirals known as fusion inhibitors. Unlike other antiretrovirals, fusion inhibitors block the entry of HIV into cells. It was developed by Trimeris (a company formed in 1993 by the scientists who discovered the compound at a federally supported research program at Duke University) and Hoffman-LaRoche. The drug was granted marketing approval by the FDA on March 13, 2003 after an accelerated approval. According to Roche, the price in the U.S. and Europe will be over USD 20,000 per patient per year, making Fuzeon by far the most expensive antiretroviral drug.

Pricing Controversy

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Government Involvement in R&D

Private Research Funding

Clinical Trials

The Table below summarizes the enrollment and duration of the clinical trials conducted on T-20. For more detailed information on these trials, see CPTech page on T-20 clinical trials trials.

Protocall # Phase Number of Patients Duration Investigator/ Contact
TRI-001 I/II 17 14 Days Michael S. Saag
University of Alabama at Birmington
T-20 204/
PACTG 1005
I/II 12 24 Weeks Colleen Cunningham,
SUNY Upstate Medical School
TRI-003 II 78 28 Days Joseph Eron
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
T-20 205
(TRI-001/003 "rollover")
II 70 48 Weeks Cal Cohen, Director
Community Research Initiative of New England
T-20 206 II 71 48 Weeks Jacob Lalezari
Quest Research Institute
T-20 208 II 46 48 Weeks Joseph Wheat
Indiana University School of Medicine
T-20 301 III Approx.500 48 Weeks Michael Saag
University of Alabama, Birmington
T-20 302 III Approx.500 48 Weeks .

Scientists Leading Trimeris


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