XIV International AIDS Conference, Barcelona, July 7-12, 2002

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Preliminary Test Results for T-20 Phase III Clinical Trials Released

Researchers presented promising test results for two Phase III Clinical Trials for T-20 (also known as Pentafuside). The tests presented will form the basis of the submission for FDA approval. T-20 is a pipeline drug that, if approved by the FDA, will be the first drug in a new class of antiretrovirals called fusion inhibitors. These drugs attack HIV in a different way than existing antiretrovirals, and therefore should be good for PWAs who have developed resistences to older therapies. T-20 was discovered by researchers at Duke University's Center for AIDS Research, who then formed Trimeris to develop fusion inhibitors. In 1999 Trimeris and Hoffman LaRoche entered an agreement to develop the drug on a large scale.

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