Intellectual Property Protection and Prices of Antiretroviral Drugs

Slide Show presented by Mike Palmedo
October 23, 2001
Atlanta, Georgia

  1. Intellectual Property Protection and Prices of Antiretroviral Drugs
  2. Provincial HIV prevalence estimates
  3. South Africa AIDS orphans
  4. Competition is important in determining prices for medicines
  5. Changes in Prices for Fluconazole
  6. Annual cost of Nevirapine/3TC/d4T Cocktail
  7. GSK and CIPLA (proposed) retail prices
  8. GSK/BI and Cipla RSA retail prices for 3TC+AZT+Nevirapine
  9. Brazil purchases of generic 3TC drove down prices for raw materials
  10. Why do prices for drugs vary so much?
  11. Some drugs are cheaper to manufacture
  12. Least expensive products were were patented before 1996
  13. Do drug companies register patents in Africa?
  14. Seven Antiretroviral Drugs widely Patented in Africa
  15. Where have big pharma filed blocking patents on ARV cocktails in sub-Saharan Africa?
  16. What type of cocktails are blocked the most?
  17. The most important multilateral agreement is the WTO TRIPS accord on protection of intellectual property
  18. Article 1 of WTO TRIPS Agreement
  19. Examples of bilateral pressures
  20. US Public Law 105-277
  21. US Department of State Report on South Africa
  22. 1999 USTR 301 report on South Africa
  23. US Executive Order 13155
  24. What is compulsory licensing?
  25. Recent compulsory licensing cases
  26. Why is compulsory licensing important?

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