12th ICASA, Ouagadougou December 2001

RAP+ is hurt by the growing number of AIDS deaths - 3,000,000 people died in the single year 2001. There is a rush to produce numbers, estimations and declarations. Unfortunately, concrete help and remedy do not follow the publication of these numbers.

Prevention is what everybody seems to insist on, forgetting that we are not at day 0 of the epidemic. We have lost brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, children, friends, and parents. Nevertheless, most of us think they will remain unaffected by the infection, excusing them for not doing anything effective for those already infected with HIV.

Once again, the death cases in the year 2002 will be neglected, among those who die from the UNAIDS estimated 40,000,000 people living with HIV and AIDS by the end of 2001.

Epidemiological data is discussed, without considering that behind the bare numbers, there are human beings, wrecked human lives. 90% of all people infected live in Africa, while 90% of those with access to antiretroviral treatment live in the North.

Sad facts RAP+ is confronted with:

Others sad realities must be added:

Confronted with this situation, which will not contribute to the fight of HIV, but maintain the scourge in decimating human lives and populations to the point of annihilation of human development in Africa, We, Africa's PWHAs, recommend:

We are convinced that with our united efforts, this pandemic can be defeated and the world will become a better and safer place.

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