Miscellaneous Finance Patents
  • 5,832,461. November 3, 1998. System and method of investment management including means to adjust deposit and loan accounts for inflation. The patent is assigned to Trans Texas Holdings Corporation. From the Abstract.
    Data processing for novel form of relationship management links, supervises, and balances depositors, marketing agents, financial intermediaries, mortgage brokers, and borrowers in an inflation-adjusted financing program. Funds are deposited in participating financial institutions in return for certificates of deposit yielding a fixed rate of interest, plus principal growth at a yearly rate equal to that year's rate of growth in the Consumer Price Index-All Urban Consumers, All Items. Funds on deposit are loaned to borrower, either directly or through brokers, at a rate calculated by adding three components: a fixed debt service rate, a fixed constant interest rate, and an inflation factor interest rate which reflects the effects of inflation on the outstanding loan balance. Organizing company sychronizes entire program by contacting depositors through marketing agent, designating institutions to receive depositors' funds, contacting borrowers directly or through brokers, and by supplying data processing capabilitites to financial intermediaries for purposes of impletation of the program and for analysis of the effects of the program on the intermediaries' capital structures.

  • 5,852,811. Issued December 22, 1998. Method for managing financial accounts by a preferred allocation of funds among accounts. This is an example of claims made regarding the "invention":
    31. A method for using a computer-based system to operate at least one client financial account comprising the steps of: storing in a database information concerning each financial account, each financial account including at least one investment asset account which receives funds for investment purposes, said asset account having an account balance which is updated by the computer system upon receipt of said funds, and at least one liability account including a loan;
    determining client preferences for operating the account;
    determining a preferred allocation of received funds to said investment asset account(s) and said liability account(s) based upon the client's preferences;
    allocating said received funds to pay interest on the loan and allocating the remaining portion of said funds according to said preferred allocation of said funds; and
    updating the preferred allocation in accordance with changes to financial and economic variables.

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