Juan Rovira
Senior Health Economist (Pharmaceuticals)
Health, Nutrition and Population Sector
The World Bank

Formerly, Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Barcelona, where he has been lecturing and doing research and consulting mainly in the areas of economic evaluation of health technologies, pricing and financing of pharmaceuticals, drug market regulation and the economics of tobacco. He worked as a short term professional at the WHO European Office in Copenhagen, as acting Officer for Health Economics. He has also worked as a consultant on health policy and economics for the WHO, the PAHO, the IDB and the European Commission. His experiences with developing countries include Eastern European (Moldova, Romania) and Latin American countries (Panama, Brazil), Burkina Faso and Indonesia. He has been President of the Spanish Health Economist Association, and recently served at the Board of Directors of ISPOR.

His present areas of interest include drug financing, differential pricing, patent protection systems, efficient procurement mechanisms, local production, and other topics related to the accessibility of the people in developing countries to quality drugs.

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