Professor Brook K. Baker
Northeastern University School of Law
400 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
Tel 617-373-3217
Fax 617-373-5056

Professor Baker received his BA from Harvard University in 1969 and obtained his JD from Northeastern University in 1976. Professor Baker joined Northeastern School of Law Faculty part time in 1979 and full time in 1984. He directs the Legal Practice Program and teaches Negotiation. Professor Baker has taught and consulted extensively in South African law schools and law school clinics since 1997, particularly on issues of multiculturalism, human rights, and HIV/AIDS.

Professor Baker has written extensively for activists about the global AIDS pandemic. He is a cofounder of Boston Global Action Network/African AIDS Project and a core member of Health GAP, an HIV/AIDS global treatment access organization. His work with Health GAP has focused on patent barriers to affordable medicines, globalization and the AIDS pandemic, the complicity of multinational corporations in the AIDS pandemic, and the under-funding of the Global Fund to Treat Aids, TB, and Malaria.

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