Gwen Hinze
Staff Attorney
Electronic Frontier Foundation
t: (415) 436 9333 x 110
c: (415) 902 6757

Gwen Hinze is a Staff Attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, specializing in intellectual property and Internet regulation policy issues. She has worked on various EFF cases involving the impact of copyright law on technology and freedom of expression online, including Newmark v. Turner (EFF's action on behalf of owners of ReplayTV digital video recorders) and MGM v. Grokster (Morpheus peer to peer software) cases. Before joining EFF, Gwen worked at the Federal Court of Australia, and with the Australian government in public policy and litigation. Prior to that, she practiced in M&A, capital markets, and infrastructure law at the international Australian law firm, Allens Arthur Robinson. Gwen holds a Bachelor of Laws with Honors and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from Australia's Monash University.

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