Separated two law that aim to spam has enacted in April, 2002.

Specific Revised Specific Trade Practice Act has passed in April 11, 2002. and Specific Electronic Mail Sending Act has passed in April 12, 2002.

Revised Trade Practice Act regulate senders of unsolicited commercial e-mail by opt out rule. When a consumer ask to unsolicited e-mail sender not to deliver a e-mail, the sender can not send it. Senders have to present their contact manner to be able for a consumer to be able to ask them.

Specific E-mail Fair Sending Act aims to regulate senders of spam mail. The act mandate a sender to present specific matters; specific e-mail, name and address of sender, e-mail address of sending and reception. False e-mail address is prohibited.

Sending e-mail to false e-mail address programmed by the way of advertising is prohibited.

The Minister of States can make a correcting order to the offender against the law. The administrating body can make boarding visit and fine up to JPY 500,000 to the offender.

Takeshi Muramoto
Consumer Law News Network