Open Access Protest at the FCC -- July 27, 2000
We are organizing a demonstration on July 27 to protest the FCC Chairman William Kennard's refusal to mandate Open Access of cable broadband platforms.

  • Protest Flier.
  • Here is a background paper for the protest (by the Center for Media Education). For more information on the Open Access debate, see the links posted below.

  • Cisco 1999 White Paper: "Controlling Your Network - A Must for Cable Operators."
    WHEN: Thursday, July 27 from 12-1 pm.
    WHERE: Outside the Federal Communications Commission building, 445 12th St, SW, Washington, DC 20554.
    Metro Directions: From the Smithsonian Metro stop (Blue/Orange Line), exit from the 12th St./ Independence Avenue exit. Proceed south on 12th St. for approx. 3 blocks (past the Department of Agriculture and across Maryland Ave.). The FCC building will be on your right.
    CONTACT: Vergil Bushnell
    phone: 202-387-8030
    fax: 202-234-5176
  • " Some call it open access. Some call it forced access." FCC Chairman William Kennard, December 16, 1999.

    "Chairman Kennard said he would take AT&T Chief Michael Armstrong at his word that AT&T is committed to the open tradition of the Internet."
    Source: FCC press release, June 15, 1999.

    "Chairman Kennard believes it is not necessary to regulate open access to cable systems because the market is young and still developing."
    Source: Letter to the Editor by Deborah A. Lathen, Chief, FCC Cable Services Bureau. New York Times. August 25, 1999.