[Random-bits] Evidence of .com, .net and .org non-confusion

James Love love@cptech.org
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 15:32:54 -0400

There are many WIPO UDRP decisions that take away .org, or .net sites
because they are considered confusingly similiar to existing .com
sites.  There are also .com sites taken away because they are considered
similiar to .org site.  The following example illustrate the these
decisions are not necessary, and that the same name can be used by
different organizations using different TLDs.  


abc.com   ABC Television
abc.org   American Builders and Contractors

nbc.com   NBC Television
nbc.org   Northport Bapist Church

Yale.com -- Yale Industrial Truscks
Yale.edu -  Yale University

blue.com   Blue Hypermedia
Blue.org   Blue Dot
Blue.net   Bluegrass Cellular Internet Services

watch.com    Natonal Watch Exchange
watch.org    Koenig's International News: WorldWatchDaily
watch.net    i2x Media

Internet.com   The Internet Industry Portal
Internet.net   Internet Shopping Network

fish.com     A personal web page
fish.org     Discussion of fisheries managment

car.org   California Association of Realtor
car.net   Car.Net  An automobile portal

cpa.com    Ralphael & Associates, accountants
cpt.net    Dietrich and Wilson, accountants 

mpaa.net   Michigan Patent Accounting Association
mpaa.org   Motion Picture Association of America

WTO.com    Wolf Technologies Online
wto.int    World Trade Organization

baseball.com   Baseball.com baseball portal
baseball.net   Baseball shopping network
baseball.org   Tribute to Erich Maria Remarque

att.com         AT&T Global Network Services
att.net         AT&T Worldnet Service
att.org         Associated Talmud Torahs

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