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James Love love@cptech.org
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 12:59:13 -0400

This is a note from one of the parties in the Eurotrash.com dispute. 
Apparently they have spent more than $40 thousand so far to defend their
use of the Eurotrash.com domain name.  I was unable to get the
rapido.co.uk web page to respond to get the other side of the dispute.



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                      W I T H O U T   P R E J U D I C E 

This domain is currently under Dispute. Rapido TV in London have claimed
in their Complaint that eurotrash.com have registered this domain in Bad
Faith, that eurotrash.com have no rights or legitimate interests in
respect of the domain name and that the domain name is identical to a
trademark or service mark in which they (Rapido TV) have rights. The
case is being handled by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
in Geneva, Switzerland.

eurotrash.com registered this domain name over 4 years ago and have been
doing business here since then as the rest of this site can testify
(Check our Press Releases and our References throughout the site).
eurotrash.com have supplied more evidence to WIPO than any other in a
Domain Dispute (From Heidi Strom, Case Manager at WIPO) and defending
this Domain Name Hijacking has cost us in the region of US$40,000 so far
without including the cost legal expenses so far incurred.

In the interests of being completely open, eurotrash.com have requested
information from WIPO as to whether we can publish the Complaint, our
Response, Rapido TV's further Complaint (in which they changed their
original Complaint) and eurotrash.com's further Response. We also wish
to publish all the appendix to our and Rapido TV's submissions. 

We believe strongly as does our Lawyers, and have supplied evidence to
support, that Rapido TV are trying to HIJACK this domain and have asked
the Panel (Presiding Member still to be Appointed) to find this in their
findings. We believe that no panel has used this decision in the past.
The Complaint was made on May 17th and we are still waiting on a full
panel to be apointed. This has had an unsettling (to say the least)
effect on our small staff. 

Please check back to this page, as soon as we receive word from WIPO
that we are not breaking any copyright we shall publish everything here.
Our staff have completed all the work to have the information here, we
are just waiting on the permission. 

Rapido TV, through their Head of Legal Affairs have lied, throughout the
process and supplied no documentary evidence of their claims. On the
other hand, eurotrash.com have not only made their points truthfully and
supplied documentary evidence to support this, but have also supplied
documentary evidence to show that Rapido TV lied consistently. 

As it makes very good reading, if you wish to be informed when more
information becomes available, please email me and I will send out an
email to you when permission is granted from WIPO. 

Jan Duffy-King
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