This is a UDRP decision involving a web site,, which was run by a fan of Dodge
Vipers, since 1996.  Dodge had even provided a link to his site
in one of the Dodge Viper magazines.  Then the Dodge legal
department went after the site.   According to one observer, the
panelist "found bad faith registration and bad faith use on
literally no supportive facts.


1.  Expansion of the TLD space could help address these problems,
by creating TLDs such as .fans, .owners or .users.  

2.  There is a legitimate purpose in consumers creating web sites
to discuss products.  They should be permitted to use the name of
the product in the domain name, so long as the web site doesn't
purport to be an official company site.  The site
is clear that it is a fan site, and not a Dodge site.

3.  The UDRP should reverse its decision in the