Roam the Planet had registered  Caterpillar was
successful in taking away from Roam the Planet. 
According to the WIPO decision, Caterpillar had sales of $19
billion in 1999.  (Bulldozers and other products).  Caterpillar
already had registered and  It claimed
that "catmachines" was  "identical, or confusingly similar" to
its trademark in caterpillar or cat.  

Roam the Planet, apparently a seller of domain names, complained
that Caterpillar was engaged in "Reverse domain highjacking." 
Roam the Planet identified.

     "numerous legitimate domain uses" for a domain
     combining "cat" with "machines", such as CAT for
     Computer Aided Technologies, Cat (the animal)
     associated with machines (e.g. Littermaid), Category 5,
     CATscan, Center for Advanced Technology (CAT), Computed
     Axial Tomography (C.A.T.), Covert Action Teams (C.A.T.)
     and Catalog (abbreviation). 

Apparently undermining its case was the fact that Roam the Planet
had tried to sell to Caterpillar for $9,000. 
WIPO transfered to Caterpillar.  Interestingly,
WIPO did not note that the domain is in use now,
by a firm that designs web pages.  

CPT Comment:

1. is not "identical or confusingly similar" to
     caterpillar.   The owner the domain name did demonstrate
     that there were legitimate uses for the domain other than
     the one proposed by Caterpillar.  

2.   Ironically, the WIPO decision to give Caterpillar the domain creates a possible dispute involving the
     domain, which is clearly a bona fide use by
     someone other than Caterpillar.