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WIPO Casting Treaty Blog Archives - 2006                                                     Back

September 14, 2006. James Love. "WIPO Press release on SCCR recommendation for DipConf." WIPO Casting Treaty.

"Arm twisting time." WIPO Casting Treaty.

September 13, 2006. Manon Ress. "Comments on Michelle Childs: Morning session final day WIPO 13th September 06." WIPO Casting Treaty.

September 13, 2006. James Love. "WIPO Struggles with openness." WIPO Casting Treaty.

September 12, 2006. Manon Ress. Summary of notes Day 2. "Moving toward a diplomatic conference." WIPO Casting Treaty.

September 12, 2006. James Love. "Dipconf seems likely at this point -- now for the US it's the cablecasting treaty." WIPO Casting Treaty.

September 12, 2006. Thiru Balasubramaniam. "South Africa's comments on L&E, scope, and TPMs." WIPO Casting Treaty.

September 11, 2006. Manon Ress. "Quick notes from First Morning Session at SCCR 15." WIPO Casting Treaty.

September 7, 2006. James Love. " The WIPO casting treaty -- why decisions about the new technologies are important.." WIPO Casting Treaty.

September 6, 2006. Manon Ress. "USPTO/Copyright office Meeting: Summary of notes." WIPO Casting Treaty.

September 5, 2006. James Love. "Joint Industry/NGO statement on WIPO casting treaty" WIPO Casting Treaty.

September 2, 2006. James Love. "How restrictive is the USPTO/LOC proposed definition for "netcasting"?" WIPO Casting Treaty.

August 30, 2006. James Love. "USPTO public forum on WIPO Broadcast/netcasting treaty" WIPO Casting Treaty.

August 3, 2006. James Love. "US government proposes sweeping new IPR rules for Internet" WIPO Casting Treaty.

July 20, 2006. Manon Ress. "What is wrong with Article 14?" WIPO Casting Treaty.

July 19, 2006. Manon Ress. "What happened to the "PBS clause"? Maybe they should know that they've been dumped?" WIPO Casting Treaty.

July 18, 2006. Manon Ress. "UNESCO Paper on Draft treaty" WIPO Casting Treaty.

July 11, 2006. James Love. "Definition of webcasting" WIPO Casting Treaty.

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